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All About Micro Shredder

In this digital age, one must never overlook securing identity whether you are a businessman or a just a homeowner. You have to take note that there would always be someone who would be interested in your disposable documents. Identity thieves are on the prowl, searching even your trash bins trying to gain access to your personal information like Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, signatures, bank account numbers, proprietary documents. If you are to throw away some of the documents that have personal information, it is preferable to utilize a micro shredder than dispose of it in intact form where unscrupulous people have an easy access to it.

Micro shredders not only offer the highest level of security available but they increase security by making personal information very difficult, if not impossible to read. Micro shredders utilize a cross cut which strips documents in both directions into smaller pieces as compared to the usual and outdated long strip cutting. There are even micro shredders that cut the paper into confetti sized pieces, an estimate of 300 to 400 pieces for a 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. For higher security measures, they can even shred documents to finer particles, of 1600 to 3000 pieces finer.

When selecting a micro shredder, it is important to be aware of  the capacity and volume of the shredder. It is beneficial if the shredder would suit its intended purpose. Buyers should consider  the volume of pages it can efficiently shred at a time.

If the shreeder is for personal or home use only, having 3 pages at a time is enough but if one has a bigger volume to shred, then a more powerful shredder is what you need. There are shredders that can handle 5 pages and even 12 pages at a time. It is also beneficiall to know how long the shredder can continue its function before it needs to be turned off for a cool down..

Another criteria to look for in micro shredders is it ability to shred. There are some shredder models that may shred paper into confetti size, while others produce fine particle size. There are some models that simply shred paper while some can even do a job on CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples. The anti-jam feature is a plus. It is also  good to know the safety features of the Micro shredder.

A very practical way to learn more about paper shredders is accessing online customer reviews and asking manufacturers about additional information.

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